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    Agile access control to secure your doors

    deister’s agile access control solutions provides the security of a traditional access control system without the need for major alterations, or wiring, to your existing door.

    Agile access control makes it significantly easier and cost-effective to change from using conventional mechanical keys to an electronic access control system. With deister, the electronic door components are battery operated meaning the whole system works without the need for any wires to the door. These are available in a variety of different formats, including an electronic cylinder, smart handle and cabinet lock.

    Installation is very straightforward with minimal alterations being done to the door, often the existing sash lock can be kept and there is no need for time consuming and expensive cable installation.  Our systems are ran using our Commander Connect software providing you many of the performance benefits of our professional access control systems.

    Long battery life

    The smart energy management system (patent pending) means that battery life can exceed 5 years with as many as 90,000 activations. This ensures exceptionally low long-term maintenance costs.

    No wires

    Management of the door access rights is controlled by the use of our “cardNet” or “airLink” technology which removes the need for cables to be installed to the door.

    Can be altered during installation

    Our electronic cylinder’s length and offsets can be altered to fit your door during installation by using 5mm spacers. This allows a single electronic cylinder to be used across a wide range of door sizes.


    A high precision quartz crystal clock to ensure perfect time control as well as an airLink module are included as standard in all reader heads.

    Future proof

    The in-built card reader is designed as a plug-in module, allowing the reader technology to be changed at any time to meet with changing requirements or new technologies.

    Made in Germany

    All products are “Made in Germany”. Their function and quality are developed, produced and tested to the highest standards.

    Wire free locks for doors

    Choosing the right wire free lock for your door is important, our locks are available in a variety of formats to provide solutions for a range of needs. If you are uncertain which lock is right for you, contact us and out team will work together with you to help create the right agile access control solution for you.

    Electronic cylinder - the modern lock for the future

    Digital Cylinder

    The euro profile electronic cylinder is installed in just a few simple steps, similar to that of a traditional mechanical cylinder. Since the design size is identical nothing needs to be adapted, drilled or altered.  The basic electronic cylinder bodies can be ordered in 5 different installation lengths and include a half cylinder; it is possible to adapt their length with the use of profiled spacers when installing. That means it is possible to realize lengths from 30/30 to 45/75 in 5 mm steps using multiple profiled spacers.

    Why use a deister electronic cylinder:

    • Installation length can be adjusted whilst on site to suit the door thickness
    • Exceptional battery life, even with high security cards
    • Best in class reading performance

    Smart handle - access control in a door handle

    The slim and clean design of the deister smart handle ensures it will look at home on any door.  Four different models are available with different handle styles.  During installation it is often possible to make use of the same fixing holes as used for the conventional fittings.

    Where access to the existing traditional cylinder and key is required (for example to dead lock the door) a cover plate suitable for the lock profile is used.  A full cover plate can be used to elegantly cover the cylinder opening when one is not used.  The exchangeable cover plate makes it possible to adapt the installation on doors with different distances between the handle and cylinder, an approach that ensures the smart handle fits perfectly on every door.

    Why use a deister smart handle:

    • Works on any door
    • Slim and elegant design
    • Easy to change the battery

    Electronic sash lock - security meets design

    Digital Lock

    The electronic sash lock is developed for self-locking locks and combines security with an attractive design. The minimalistic design allows you to seamlessly integrate with the design of the door handle to give maximum freedom of choice of shape and colour.

    On top of that the electronic sash lock offers more security, because even if damaged or forcefully removed there is no access to the mechanics of the locking mechanisms which is inside the door.

    Why use a deister electronic sash lock:

    • Maximum design freedom
    • More security
    • Encrypted lock control

    Electronic strike - The best of online and offline combined

    The electronic strike offers the same door control and door monitoring functionality as online access control with all the benefits of an offline system. It has two inputs and outputs that can control a door alarm or detect a door contact. It is powered by a local power supply and can be flush-mounted.

    The digital strike can be operated wirelessly via Cardnet or airLink with no cables being required for data communication.

    Why use a deister electronic strike:

    • Online functionality with the benefits of offline access control
    • Compact design for easy installation
    • Existing components can be reused


    Wireless cabinet lock

    Digital cabinet lock DCL 3

    Apply agile access control to your individual cabinets or lockers!
    Secure storage of valuables in cabinets or lockers  with the reliable electronic cabinet and furniture lock from deister electronic. The elegant electronic lock with its timeless design does not require any cables, can be installed quickly and can be centrally managed with our Commander Connect software. Integration into a professional building and asset management software is possible at any time.

    In addition to common reading technologies such as MIFARE® DESFire and LEGIC®, the lock also supports Bluetooth™, which means that it can be conveniently opened with a mobile phone. In addition, the patent-pending energy management system allows a battery life of up to 60,000 activations, which is twice as much as most other cabinet locks on the market.

    So, if you are looking for a cabinet lock that can be used individually, is rugged and features unrivalled energy management, then look no further than the wireless cabinet lock from deister electronic.

    • All common reading technologies are supported and can be changed at any time
    • Long battery life of up to 60,000 activations
    • Available with various levers
    • Elegant design, which fits into office furniture, cabinets and lockers
    • Easy to install and dismantle

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    Interchangeable reading technologies keep your system up to date

    Our electronic door components supports all popular card technologies as well as active transponders.  The reader technology module is separated from the other electronics.  The reader module is located in the reading head and can be exchanged and upgraded easily.

    All reading heads have the same form factor an are interchangeable between different electronic door components.  The reading technology can easily be exchanged without having to replace the complete hardware.

    Why use a deister electronic door component:

    • All popular card technologies are supported using different reader modules.
    • Easy to exchange the reader technology
    • System can stay up to date with minimum effort and cost
    Reader technologies

    deister CardNet - an offline system with online features

    wireless locks cardnet

    One of the issues with an offline system is that as the system gets larger the components can quickly become stretched to their limits.  For example, the more users and doors there are, the more data needs to be stored, managed and distributed and the system becomes more dependent on the busy infrastructure.   Our solution to this is Cardnet, a technology developed by deister that time stamps and stores access rights, time profiles and calendar profiles on the user’s key fob, card or credential.  This ensures the offline locking components are secure, yet not affected by the size of the system and the number of users.  In a Cardnet system there needs to be an update reader or update station.  These are installed at key positions such as at building entry points, which in turn are connected to the system either by cable or airLink.  The user must update their credential at that point of entry every day which in turn updates their access rights for the buildings doors.

    When using offline components the validity of the time stamp is checked first, then the access rights and time profiles are checked before access to the door is granted.

    As well as update readers and update stations with an integrated display, the product range also includes standard online readers. With a well thought through combination of update readers, online readers and offline locking components it is possible to economically and securely implement a whole system that can be expanded at any time.

    airLink - energy-saving wireless technology

    airLink is the deister wireless technology developed in-house that is designed and optimised to connect electronic locking components and an updater into a system by means of an airLink wireless network. airLink avoids the hassle of having to open up walls or having to rewire your building. airLink products have been designed to have the lowest possible power consumption and use sophisticated energy management for the best in class battery life resulting in low ongoing battery replacement costs.

    airLink door components can regularly exchange data, receive new access rights and transmit their access log to the central system. All transmitted data is secured by the powerful and secure AES encryption standard.

    • Very low power consumption
    • Secure AES encryption
    • Long wireless range


    One software - One connected system

    Our powerful intuitive software platform Commander allows easy administration of your wireless locking system and the ability to control a range of other deister systems to provide a complete connected system with an environment based on modern system architecture.

    The deister Commander software has been built as truly web-based with an SQL back end database. Capable of working as a stand-alone system connected direct to your cabinet it can  easily scale up to a corporate setup and will work on a physical  computer or a virtual environment.

    Benefits at a glance:

    • Fast configuration
    • Web service
    • Client-server model.
    • Browser-based

    Offline & online systems

    No matter if installing a simple offline system or an extensive online access control system encompassing all available functions, it is possible to configure and adapt our electronic wireless locking components to suit individual requirements.

    Easy to expand at a later date

    Agile access control components make it simple and cost efficientive to add doors to the system which at any time, that may traditionally be difficult to integrate.

    Ideal for historic monuments

    deister’s agile access control solutions are ideal for incorporating access control technology whilst preserving historic architecture since there is no need to lay cables.

    Connection to other systems

    Common interfaces and protocols allow easy integration with other systems including PACS (physical access control systems).