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    How can deister solutions help in healthcare?

    We all know that budgets are tight within the NHS and healthcare organisations, that’s why deister offers a range of solutions designed to help reduce costs and staffing requirements associated with many non-clinical administration processes.

    Our range of systems allow you to manage access to keys and high value assets whilst monitoring their use, secure your building or car park access without the need for a physical presence. This means you can use your staffs time for more important duties whilst knowing you have a full audit trail of your systems use.

    • Optimise the use of your staffs time
    • Reduce costs incurred from lost keys and assets
    • Control access across your building
    • Safeguard vulnerable patients

    Physical key management

    Automate your key issuing process to help reduce the risk of your keys being compromised.

    As a healthcare provider, ensuring keys are secure but accessible to authorised staff is important. Lost or stolen keys can compromise the safety of the organisation and personnel within, as well as cause additional costs. Our intelligent key management systems help to reduce these risks.

    With our Commander Connect software you can manage your staffs access to keys and know who has used them and when, providing you with an accurate audit trail. Protecting your keys from misuse or theft and making staff accountable for their use of keys.

    By combining our key management system with our class leading RFID tagging system we can provide you with a complete solution which is fully integrated by our single software platform.  This allows you to either ensure keys do not leave the building or allow you to record if they leave and who by.

    RFID tagging for keys, assets and people

    personal safety device for baby and parent in hospital

    Healthcare organisations often need to know the whereabouts of people, keys and assets for both safety and security reasons.

    Our market leading active RFID tagging system is suitable for a variety of uses from safeguarding baby and vulnerable patients to tracking assets and keys. Locators can be positioned around a building to track movement or simply above exits to alert when a tag passes through, these alerts can be audible or can go to staff members by email or push notifications via our deisterGo app.

    This system can be integrated with other systems such as access control to prevent the tags from leaving restricted areas, improving efficiency for your organisation by reducing the time spent locating people, keys or assets. This can also minimise the number of keys and assets being replaced due to being lost and misplaced.

    Wireless locking systems

    Apply access control to existing doors without the need for expensive cabling and alterations.

    In most healthcare establishments, there are a range of areas that should only be accessible to qualified staff. Ensuring these rooms are only being accessed by the right people can be difficult to monitor.

    Our wireless locking systems allow you to control individual access to each door, whilst providing a full audit trail. The wireless design allows them to be installed without the need to close wards or corridors to lay cabling, ensuring minimal disruption.

    With our wireless locking system, you reduce the risk of security breaches as cards and fobs can be blacklisted if lost or stolen, unlike code locks or keys which can be used without a trace until the locks are replaced.

    Vehicle identification

    Long-Range Vehicle Identification for Barriers & Gates

    Reliable identification for vehicles that protects your premises from unauthorised access.

    Parking spaces are often limited in healthcare establishments, creating the need for areas with restricted access such as staff parking, service vehicle entrances and A&E drop-off points. Ensuring these areas are accessible to authorised personnel and vehicles can be difficult to manage and is critical to the day to day running of the facility.

    Our long range vehicle identification system provides a reliable method of managing access in all weather conditions, using different tags dependent on whether you want to identify a vehicle or user.

    Access control

    Ensure your access control technology is not putting your healthcare organisations security at risk.

    In healthcare, staff often work across different locations so must carry several different access cards to do their job, this is both inconvenient and unnecessary. With multiple technologies in use there is a higher chance that you may be using unsecure cards, putting your staff’s identities and access at risk.

    Our access control readers and credentials are independent of any card technology, making them suitable for integration to existing systems as well as migration to one cohesive system. There are different levels of encryption available to suit, but we would always recommend using encrypted cards to protect your staff and organisation. Additionally, for high security environments we offer a NSPA assured solution (Previously known as CPNI).

    Asset management systems

    Tablet being removed from electronic locker

    Securely manage and log the use of your high value equipment to help reduce spending on replacing misplaced items.

    In a busy healthcare environment it can be difficult to keep track of equipment and their whereabouts. Our asset management and tracking solution helps to resolve this issue.

    Our intelligent lockers allow you to control access to each compartment whilst creating auditable records of their use. Charging stations can be integrated and you can even incorporate article surveillance to ensure items are within their compartment.

    You can use our secure lockers to control access, monitor use and store high value shared equipment such as tablets, laptops and radios to prevent loss and theft. This can easily be combined with the storing of staffs’ personal possessions, motivating staff to remember to return shared equipment and to retrieve their personal possessions.

    Textile management

    Manage your textile inventory to ensure resources are being used efficiently.

    In a busy healthcare environment, large quantities of everyday reusable textiles are used from sheets and towels to uniforms and scrubs.  If not properly managed your hospital can waste valuable time and money, which could be better utilised on patient care.

    Our textile management solutions provide real-time availability and accurate reporting on cycles and service volume. They keep your inventory lean while ensuring an ample supply and cycle out scrubs and linens based on usage rather than a date range.