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    amanTag - Personal protection systems

    No matter if in health services, facilities with public access, public authorities or in industry, the task of protecting people is of the utmost importance, with intelligent technology required to protect areas subject to inherent risks. That also includes protecting personnel working in environments with a high potential for aggression such as in employment centres and social security offices or those employed in so-called “lone worker” positions. Based on the latest developments in wireless data transmission, amanTag systems from deister electronic are utilised in environments such as these. With amanTag it is possible to control and limit the freedom of movement of people within a building on the one hand, and localise and protect the people inside the building on the other. The system consists of active transponders and reader devices, called Locators. The active transponder carried by a person is detected by the Locator within range. Locators are not only able to detect transponders, they are also able to control doors and alarms, for example, to close off or allow access to and from different areas.

    The management software is tailored to the respective applications. It offers intuitive, user-friendly operation and is equipped with interfaces to connect to other communication and information systems.

    Standalone and network capable

    It is possible to operate Locators as standalone devices or as a network system.

    Easy installation

    The system is quick and easy to install and set up.

    Unambiguous protection zones

    The transmit field of the Locator can be clearly defined. Protection zones possible in a range from 1.5 – 7m.

    Long battery life

    The intelligent battery management of the semi-active transponders facilitates a long battery life.

    Communication with feedback

    The Locator acknowledges the transponder transmission upon receipt.

    Additional features

    Software with numerous functions for additional applications, such as access control & CCTV solutions

    BabyGuard® - To quickly raise the alarm

    Best possible protection against abduction and babies being accidentally switched on postnatal wards The intelligent security technology offers extensive protection to prevent newborn babies being abducted or accidentally switched. BabyGuard® adds a great deal more security to the daily routines in postnatal wards. At the same time it helps to promote the image of the clinic, which underlines its duty of care by employing a professional system solution that serves everyday needs. The high level of functionality offered by BabyGuard® makes it an efficient baby protection system that is widely accepted by mothers, nurses and doctors alike.

    SeniorGuard - Protection to prevent dementia patients wandering off from care facilities

    Personal Safety of Elderly in Care Facilities

    The care sector often looks after dementia patients that are at risk of wandering off unnoticed, so are in need of protection. Discreet and visually appealing Locators in conjunction with appropriate transponders worn around the wrist guarantee residents the best possible protection and freedom of movement. With its high level of functionality, the SeniorGuard® makes a significant contribution towards the character of an “open house”, while taking the strain away from organizational processes within the care home.

    PersonalGuard - A small transmitter with a button protects staff against attacks

    For their own safety staff working in dangerous environments carry a keyFob transponder with them. If a member of staff feels at risk all that is required (of him/her) is to press a button on the transmitter to trigger an alarm. In the event the alarm is triggered the transponder immediately transmits an unambiguous code to the Locator with information about the whereabouts of the person in question. Colleagues, porters or security personnel receive the alarm message on their PC, telephone, mobile or pager and can react immediately.

    personal safety application

    Patients and residents in care facilities and clinics wish to be able to move freely and safely in the building, with the possibility of calling for help with the aid of a mobile alarm pager if they should get into difficulties at any time. The amanTag solution makes this possible with a special patient keyFob4 / pendant. A press of a button on the transponder suffices to reliably trigger an alarm and localise the caller. The caller receives visible feedback on his/her transponder to confirm the call for help has been made.

    LCA series - Dual-technology locator

    The locator is a main component of the amanTag systems. It is installed in the respective zones to be monitored or on a door requiring monitoring. The active transmission radius can be set individually within a range of 1.5 m – 7 m to suit the environment. That makes it possible to clearly define the protection or monitoring zones. There are 2 versions available with different functional ranges: the LCA 500 T with a range of 1.5 – 5 m and the LCA 700 T with a range radius of 1.5 – 7 m. It is possible to operate the Locator in standalone mode or in a network system. The modular design of the system ensures it can be extended at any time.

    • Standalone and network capable systems
    • Bidirectional communication
    • Clearly defined protection zones with  a setting range of 1.5 – 7 m
    • Reliable in adverse ambient conditions Easy to install and operate

    Transponders available

    personal safety Transponder without buttons

    For mother and baby

    The semi-active baby tag protects the newborn baby against abduction or being accidentally switched. It triggers an alarm on the Locator as soon as it enters its wake-up range. The mother tag facilitates authorised entry through secured zones with her tagged baby without triggering an alarm. The tags can be combined with passive transponder Technologies.

    For patients and dementia sufferers

    The semi-active patient or dementia tag protects the patient by triggering an alarm on the Locator if he or she enters its actuation range or requests help by pressing the call button on a mobile transponder. There are different versions available to meet different requirements: watch style with a call button, watch style without a button but with a sticker as well as a basic tag without a call button and without a sticker to carry attached to bracelets.

    personal safety Transponder with buttons

    For personal protection

    The semi-active tag acts as a mobile call button to easily notify colleagues or security personnel if dangerous situations should arise. After the call button is pressed the Locator transmits an acknowledge signal and the LED on the transponder flashes briefly to visually acknowledge the signal. The carrier then knows precisely that the call has been received.

    For personnel

    The semi-active personnel tag has several functions within the amanTag system. The tag has 3 buttons available to acknowledge alarms, to suppress alarms or to trigger further functions / actions in the system. Version with loop for carrying on a key ring or to wear around the neck as a pendant.

    For installers

    The semi-active installer tag has several functions within the amanTag system. The tag has 3 buttons with which to programme and set up the system. It is possible to make a test call using the large call button. The two smaller buttons are used to increase or reduce the size of the wake-up range of the Locator. The LED indicates that the transponder is located within the wake-up range. That makes it possible to use this transponder to set up the wake-up range perfectly and test it at regular intervals.

    Interfaces - For trouble-free communication

    Commander for personal safety system

    To connect DECT systems or alarm servers via ESPA

    Call light systems
    To connect to call light systems via a web service

    User interfaces
    KIS – GLT

    I / O
    For control and connection via contacts

    Video systems
    Integrate video systems via video POS interface

    Other systems
    Moreover, this solution links in with access control, merchandise management and POS Systems.