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    For reliable and simple patrol logging

    Making records of tasks performed can be crucial in protecting your business and employees if something was to happen.

    deister’s guard patrol system provides you with the data and reports needed to ensure your staff are visiting specific locations as part of their duties. You simply fix checkpoints in areas that require attending, this can be inside and outdoors. Staff then carry a data collector on their round which they present to each checkpoint to record their presence. At the end of the round, the data including the time, date and checkpoints visited can be downloaded into the reporting software.

    At deister, we have been providing robust and reliable patrol systems for over 40 years. Our systems are used globally in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. We provide a simple yet reliable guard tour system that you can monitor, and record checkpoints attended whether it’s for security patrols, maintenance and safety checks or cleaning rounds.

    Why deister guard tour

    Easy to use

    All your users have to do is hold the data collector close to the checkpoints, the collector even uses vibrations and LED lights to confirm a successful read.

    Robust & reliable

    The GuardiX is designed for heavy-duty use with its tough casing that contains no external moving parts like buttons that are prone to fail, a microwave tamper switch as well as its IP67 classification.


    deister checkpoints use RFID technology and do not contain batteries or hard wiring. Their tough exterior makes them ideal for both internal and external use.

    Long battery life

    The GuardiX does not require charging, with it reading up to 500,000 checkpoints from a pair of AA batteries which you can easily change yourself.

    Backwards compatible

    Our software is backwards compatible, allowing our older models of collectors to be used alongside the GuardiX.

    ATEX certified model available

    We offer an ATEX certified version of our GuardiX that is suitable for chemical and petrochemical environments.

    GuardiX data collector

    Whether you’re looking for a patrol system that is silent in operation, allows data to be transferred following multiple patrols or can endure heavy usage; our GuardiX is designed for it all.

    The GuardiX has several unique distinguishing features that make it a hard-waring unit. The collector does not have any buttons, switches or other external moving parts that can be prone to fail. With an environment protection class of IP67 and the ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -10° to 60°C; the GuardiX provides a durable collector for our patrol system.

    With the GuardiX, recording patrols is simple. You simply present the collector to a checkpoint, no contact necessary, and the collector will flash an LED light and vibrate to signal it has been recorded, making it near silent. The collector records the checkpoints identification number along with the time and date which is then transferred and processed when the collector is placed within the data transfer unit.

    The collector itself has a memory capacity of 4,000 readings so you can perform multiple patrols on multiple days before returning it to the data transfer unit. Alongside this, it does not require charging as it operates using 2 AA batteries which can read up to 500,000 checkpoints. You can use the collectors both indoors and outdoors and we also produce an ATEX certified model for chemical and petrochemical environments such as oil rigs.


    Checkpoint for Guard Tour

    Simple to install checkpoints, with no power supplies or batteries involved.

    Our RFID checkpoints are small, inconspicuous round disks which can be installed within walls, woodwork or masonry or visibly on walls, and can even be painted over. You simply attach them to the desired location using glue or a special security screw and they are ready to use. The checkpoints robust design allows them to work in temperatures ranging from -40° to 55°C. With our patrol systems, you can install and remove the checkpoints if a building is expanded, a route changed, or you are a sub-contractor and are moving onto a new project.

    Data transfer unit

    For straightforward transference of patrol data into your computers software.

    The data transfer unit uploads the data from the collector into the software – depending on how often or quickly you require the patrol data you may download once a month, week or even day. The unit connects into your PC or laptop via the USB cable and transfers the data into the software. This clears the memory space within the collector and the unit also synchronizes the clock within the collector to ensure accuracy. The collector will respond with an LED and vibration once the data has been correctly downloaded.

    Additional information/event cards

    Quick and simple logging of additional information relating to a patrol.

    Our event cards mean you can assign each card a specific event, task or information that you would like users to log when using the GuardiX collector. A user need only present the card to the collector for it to record the card details along with the time and date. This information is retained and uploaded the same as with checkpoints.

    You can use the cards to record any information you believe is important. This could be a caretaker reporting maintenance needed as part of their weekly safety checks rounds, bar staff logging that each dance floor has been checked for broken glass and spillages or something completely different. By using event cards, you can record more than just a staff members presence.

    GuardiX Connect

    guardiX Connect

    For uploading patrol data from any location, at any time.

    The GuardiX Connect allows users to upload patrol data immediately without physically connecting the unit to the device that has the reporting software. The data is transmitted via the GSM network and securely encrypted via the deister Cloud; this encryption remains throughout the transfer and can only be decoded by your system.


    Maintenance checks

    Easily log and report your buildings health and safety checks with deister’s patrol system. A checkpoint can be placed with each equipment that requires checking and staff can use an event card to record damages, faults and work carried out.

    Monitoring guard tours

    Ensure that your security staff are performing their designated patrols with our guard tour system. Set up routes within your reports to allow missed checkpoints to be highlighted so you can investigate.

    Managing response times

    Safeguard your customers and staff by using our patrol system to record the findings of any hazards such as broken glass or wet floors as well as the completion of removing them. With a guard tour system, you can ensure that your staff are responding efficiently.