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    The importance of managing vehicle fleets

    Your vehicle fleets and pool cars are one of your organisations most important and expensive assets.

    With vehicle fleets and pool cars playing a critical role in many businesses’ daily operations, it is essential that fleets are managed effectively for improved security and operational efficiency. Managing a fleet revolves around ensuring vehicles are safe, available when needed and only used by authorised personnel. As an organisation grows and expands their fleet, it can become increasingly difficult to manually keep track.

    When vehicles are not returned on time, returned with damages or faults and no explanation or trace who last used it, the costs can quickly add up and are often left for the business to pay. At deister, we offer a range of solutions that create accountability whether it’s when personnel borrow keys, logging mileage and faults when returning vehicles, through to the timings of each vehicles entries and exits.

    How can electronic key management systems help?

    Total traceability

    All keys and their use are recorded within the web-based platform providing auditable records of your fleets use.

    Flexible management

    Whether you pre-allocate vehicles or want to ensure the fleet is used equally to extend their lifespan, you can do it all within our Commander software.

    Self-service system

    Our electronic key management system allows your fleets keys to remain secure but accessible to authorised personnel, without the need for a physical presence.

    deister's electronic key management system

    Our electronic key management systems make securing your fleets keys simple.

    With a deister electronic key cabinet, you can easily manage who can access what keys and when. Our systems are available with a range of user identification methods including biometrics, card, PIN and transponders.

    Unlike traditional peg systems, our key management system registers the release and return of keys using our robust keyTag’s. These use contactless RFID technology making them 100% maintenance-free and include a life-time guarantee!

    Our key management system uses our simple web-based software which allows you to monitor and manage your key cabinets from any location.

    Designed for fleet management

    With deister, we offer a dedicated set of features purposefully designed for fleet management. By adding the fleet management module to our key cabinets, you can incorporate mileage logging and fault logging into the key return process to help streamline your fleets basic administration.

    • Licence monitoring – let the system notify you when a user’s licence is expiring.
    • Mileage logging – require staff to enter a vehicles mileage when returning the key.
    • Fault code logging – provide the opportunity for staff to report any vehicle issues.
    • Roaming keyTag – allow keys to be returned to any cabinet and still be locatable.
    • Breathalyser testing – only allow vehicle keys to be removed after passing a breathalyser test.

    Combine with vehicle identification

    Long-Range Vehicle Identification for Barriers & Gates

    Our automatic vehicle identification system (AVI) allows you to log vehicle or user entry and exit or control a barrier or gate. With a range of transponders including our heavy-duty bumper tags and tamper-proof stickers, our systems offer a read range of up to 7m and reliability regardless of weather conditions. This can easily be connected to an existing access control system or managed within our Commander software alongside any additional deister systems.

    Therefore, you can centrally manage our key management systems alongside vehicle identification within the one platform. By using key management and vehicle identification together, you can streamline and strengthen the management of your fleet with a clear record of their keys use as well as the vehicles exit/entry. To simplify the system for your users, it is possible for a single card to be used for vehicle entry and key cabinet access.

    Expand your system