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    Integrations to other systems How keys are costing your business

    How can deister help facilities management companies?

    deister works with facility management organisations to provide a range of solutions to improve operational efficiency whilst reducing costs.

    The responsibility for a clients’ facility and its assets may make you accountable for any losses and damages during your management. With deister’s solutions, you can dramatically reduce the losses and damages associated with many of your basic day-to-day processes. From key and equipment issuing to providing building or vehicle access, our systems log all tasks executed so you can trace back any issues to the last user.

    • Make staff accountable for the assets they use
    • Manage systems from any location
    • Use your staffs time more effectively
    • Save yourself unnecessary costs

    What can deister solutions do for facilities management?

    Provide real-life data on operations

    When using our software, you will have auditable data on the solutions usage. This could help you to find areas of personnel’s time that are being used ineffectively.

    Improve the facilities security

    Improving your facilities security measures such as accessing key entry points will financially benefit your client and you in turn.

    Optimise operational processes

    Using automated systems removes the need for personnel to monitor the issuing and return of keys or equipment and allowing their time to be spent more effectively.

    Electronic key management systems

    Importance of Key Management

    Each individual facility may have different access control systems in place, but there will often be many keys for accessing plantrooms, individual control panels and bypassing electronic systems in case of emergency.

    As an FM you take responsibility for these keys so managing them effectively is important. The consequences of any misplaced, lost or stolen key whilst a security issue, also has financial and affects day-to-day operation. Electronic key management systems provide an auditable record of all key cabinet use, placing the accountability of the keys on the person who has them. The system runs automatically meaning staff whose time was spent managing keys can be used more efficiently. You can even assign one-time use pins to issue keys to ad-hoc sub-contractors.

    • Issue keys for one time use without being on site
    • Protect keys from being accessed by unauthorised personnel
    • Make staff accountable for their actions whilst using keys
    • Track keys
    • Prevent keys leaving a building

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    Vehicle identification (AVI)

    If you want to set an overall positive impression and meet your clients’ expectations, then managing the facilities vehicle entry points is just as important as managing inside the facility.

    Whether you have a staff car park, drop off/pick up point, a warehouse entrance or even manage a private car park facility, preventing unauthorised vehicles using them can be difficult. Our AVI solution means that only vehicles that have been issued tamper-proof windshield stickers or ISO cards will trigger the barrier or gate to open. The system logs the tags used to enter to provide you with auditable records of all vehicle entries.

    • Reliable and weather-resistant method of identifying vehicles
    • Range of tags to suit different needs
    • Works as a stand-alone system or integrated into access control
    • More reliable than number plate recognition
    • Fast and secure

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    Smart storage systems

    Tablet being removed from electronic locker

    Whether you have electronics like laptops, made-to-order tools or equipment that requires a qualified user – keeping track of it all can be difficult.

    As an FM keeping assets secure and accessible prevents unnecessary costs and time lost by staff waiting. Smart storage lockers are used to provide a secure method of storing shared equipment whilst placing responsibility on the user. With the ability to control what individual users can access, you can ensure equipment is only used by those who are authorised. For electrical items you can even integrate charging cables and distribute equipment, based upon which one has had the longest to charge.

    • Create a reservation system for staff to book equipment in advance
    • Prevent equipment being used by unqualified or unauthorised individuals
    • Monitor and manage the use of assets regardless of location
    • Issue users the most charged item available
    • Securely store your important equipment

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