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deister electronic UK Limited is a leading company in the development, production and sales of electronic security and identification solutions. We live for innovation, which we reinvent every day.

The digital world of today demands higher and higher standards in security and technology. Our challenge is to keep up – our goal is to stay ahead.

However, it is not enough to only know about trends in technology and to use them. We optimize, dig in, develop and create our own approach. This has allowed us to file more than 300 patents and be awarded several innovation prizes.

We are not just prepared for the future, we want to shape innovation of the future.

We are looking for people who are ready to engage in new ideas and want to take part in the innovation of tomorrow. Rise up to the challenge – we are looking forward to talking with you!



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Some of the things we do

Work place pension scheme

deister has set up a relationship with a pension fund provider. deister’s contribution is based on a percentage of your salary. The employee may contribute additionally which is up to the employee to decide. We will arrange for you to meet with our representative to discuss your needs.

Know. Think. Act.

Regular meetings that are organised several times a year where all staff are informed of current important issues. The business performs best when everyone works to the same overall goals when everyone understands where the company is heading.

Free refreshments in our kitchen

For all staff and visitors, a selection of tea, coffee, milk and occasionally fruit and biscuits are provided by the company.

International meetings

Sales and technical staff are invited to attend deister’s annual international meeting in Germany. A great time to share ideas and opportunities with your colleagues from around the world.

Team building

Joint experiences with the team promote the team spirit. Communication and motivation are strengthened. The joint events also have a positive impact on the working atmosphere in the company.

Company events

As a team we try to get together outside of the work environment at least once a year, with our partners included. As well as our annual Christmas party we also try to organise other events throughout the year.