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Full transparency, electronically documented

The current situation shows traceability and transparency of who did what and where and when is essential. With solutions from deister electronic, all movements can be transparently tracked and automatically documented. Our systems use contactless RFID technology and can thus reliably manage and electronically document all operating procedures.

Manage access to keys, vehicles and work equipment

maxx32 Terminal C4

Electronic key cabinets for fully documented automatic issue and return of keys

The electronic key management system allows access rights to be specifically assigned and withdrawn. Taking and returning keys or valuables can be automatically documented and can be transparently viewed at any time.

Manage door keys, vehicle keys or work equipment and enable electronically monitored access around the clock. You can easily define the access per person or a group of people via the software. Reports can be generated at the click of a mouse or automatically.

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Monitor and document services and processes

Control patrols, cleaning services or other measures

The proof of visit system allows services or processes to be electronically documented and controlled. You can easily check and electronically prove that cleaning or hygiene measures have been adhered to or that inspections have been carried out. The simple and cost-efficient system can be easily retrofitted in your company, building or organisation. With the deisterGo app, all information, notices and events remain in your hands and you can be informed directly on your mobile phone after the process or service has been completed whether everything has been carried out completely.

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Hands-Free Access Control

Handsfree Access

Open doors automatically with long-range readers

Door handles are a problem in terms of hygiene; many people touch them regularly. Long-range readers combined with automatic door openers help to avoid contact with a door handle. Our long-range readers can be easily retrofitted to existing controllers and can work stand-alone or parallel to conventional readers. Our powerful dual technology cards enable user identification at both reader types, long-range and conventional readers. This means that the existing access control system can still be used and, for example, can be extended at certain doors with long-range readers and dual technology.

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Indoor localisation and people protection system

Zone based tracking / automatic control of doors and relays

Who is where and when and in which area? With the personnel protection system, these questions are answered, and you have the possibility to perform zone monitoring, direction recognition and residence measurement or dwell time measurement in your building. As the system is designed for hospital operation, it can be cleaned or disinfected easily and without problems with conventional cleaning agents.

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Management of workwear and textile work equipment

teXtag workwear management

Optimize and transparently manage inventory, usage and compliance

Manage and optimize your inventory of workwear and textile work equipment fully; automatically and electronically documented. Textiles equipped with RFID transponders are assigned to employees within intelligent locker systems and room solutions via the software and consumption and use are automatically documented. This way you can ensure that all specifications and measures, such as the regular change of work clothing, are adhered to. This creates full transparency regarding usage and your real need for each individual item.

Many leading hospitals already rely on our textile management solution and have been able to increase availability and significantly reduce costs.

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Business processes always at a glance

Keep track of all your deister solutions at any time and any place. Whether movements, withdrawals and returns or individually adjustable notification messages, with the deisterGo app all notifications are displayed directly on your mobile phone via push notification, fully automatically documented and centrally managed – so you always have an overview of whether all your business processes are being adhered to.

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