What are electronic key management systems?

Electronic key management systems are a secure method of controlling, monitoring and recording the use of keys.

An electronic key management system requires all users to identify themselves at a control terminal to access the key cabinet. Users can identify themselves by using a PIN, fob, card or even fingerprint biometrics; the terminal will then release the cabinet door if they are listed as authorised on the software.

Inside the cabinet, all keys are held in place using a keyTag attached to the keys which is used to identify the key when being returned. The cabinet will only release the a key once it has been selected by the user at the terminal. The user will only be able to select from keys which they been assigned access to on the management software. Meanwhile all actions with the cabinet and terminal are logged on the software.

Why are they important?

The true value of key is often not realised until it is lost.

A key can have the capacity to access valuable assets, sensitive company and customer data as well as staff within the area. So, if a key is lost or stolen there is the potential for theft, damages, data breaches and even a risk to staff safety. All these are costly consequences on top of being unable to work out how the key was lost/stolen and the necessary replacements. An electronic key management systems ability to record use and control access rights prevents opportunity thefts, creates accountability and allows unreturned keys to be traced quickly reducing the chances of a compromise.

How can they be used?

deister maxx series key cabinet range. This intelligent high-security secure key management solution. A key press cabinet for todays keys.

Electronic key management systems can be applied in a variety of ways to suit different purposes.

In its simplest form you can monitor and control who uses what keys without needing to use staff to secure them.

But if your keys are used for accessing bookable spaces, vehicles or equipment, an electronic key management can ensure that a booked key is not accessible to anyone else as well as allow users to reserve keys. Or, if your keys are for vehicles you could incorporate mileage tracking and fault logging into the key return process to keep track of your fleets health.

A variety of features can be used in electronic key management systems to help improve the administrative and operational processes involved in the use of your keys and what they access.

The deister difference

deister’s expertise in electronic key management systems and dedication to providing customers will reliable, quality solutions mean you’re safe in our hands.

With over 40 years’ experience, we are dedicated to developing and innovating reliable and quality RFID solutions and our electronic key management systems are no exception. Our systems allow you to:

  • Easily expand with additional cabinets at any time.
  • Save money by adding cabinets rather than replacing them with larger ones as all are backwards compatible.
  • Know the central part of securing keys, the keyTag, is maintenance-free and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Integrate with existing systems or incorporate additional deister products and create a fully networked system.

deister’s electronic key management systems are purposefully designed to provide you with long-term value, with systems installed over 15 years ago still operational today!


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